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Color Printing, Advertising Services Establishing links to a web site has always been an effective way to help build traffic.
By obtaining just a few links with other web sites your page rank can increase considerably.
Without getting into too much detail, page rank is essentially a score out of ten as to the value of your site in comparison to other websites on the Internet.
It is based on two primary factors; the number of links you have pointing to your website and the value of the links pointing to your website.
The value is calculated based on the page rank of the page linking to you and debatably the relevancy of the page linking to you.
This site offers advertising services, commercial printing, specialty printing, graphic arts, and fine arts to the trade and to consumers.

If your products and services are relevant to ours a link will help both of us more than if not.
The more links you receive, however the higher your web site will be ranked in the Search Engines.
We have a very favorable rank with Yhoo, MSN, and depending on the latest wild hair on the butts of the robot programers down at Google, them as well.
We are an Advertising Agency after all and we do know how to do that. We don't depend solely on the capriciousness of search engines.
We maintain a healthy 3-tier marketing plan that drives far more relevant traffic to our site than engines.
Which means an Ad & editorial mention in media your prospects read, a sales piece in your prospects hands and a follow up call askimg for their business, all driving traffic to your site for repeat sales. This works.

If we can help you in any way with your marketing efforts please don't hesitate to contact Jerry Reynolds
phone/fax 631-846-8067

If you fill out the form below we will link your Web Site to the category of your choice absolutely Free.
We require however that you do the same for us.
Choose from our information below and place it on your links page.

Thank You in advance,

Jerry Reynolds
Advertising Services Ltd.

Don't forget to ask for the business
1,000 color Flyers, 8 1/2" x 11" pinted on 80LB. coated text $321.00

<a href="">Advertising Services</a> - Your source for low cost design, graphics and photography on a full service or free lance basis.

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